In the rapidly evolving world of automation, SmartRoby is the ultimate solution for all key roles in the enterprise. Whether you’re part of the Center of Excellence (COE) team, a process owner within the business, or have a vested interest in the return on investment of your automation platform, you can rely on SmartRoby’s versatile platform to meet your needs. 

Center of Excellence (COE) Team 

How much time does your company spend managing automations and the automation platform? How much time is spent tracking and following up on exceptionsFree up the COE to do more valuable activities such as finding and creating automations. 

Today’s Challenges How SmartRoby will help
Monitoring of existing process and resources SmartRoby’s analytics and alerting capabilities provide COEs with tools needed to understand and react to both process and resource issues
Process scheduling is overcomplicated and time-consuming Easily manage process queues based on criteria such as priority, SLAs, and volumes
Too much focus on process exceptions, whether due to business data or just a network error Discover and resubmit failed processes directly from SmartRoby and even assign exceptions to specific individuals that can best handle the problem. Is the problem with the business data? No problem, just have the process owner handle the exception themselves, freeing up COE time.
Unable to identify trends and patterns that highlight both positive and negative aspects of your automation business Know when existing processes are, or are not, working well, consistently failing, or causing repetitive issues by analyzing data directly within SmartRoby
Understanding the true ROI of automation and the value of the COE is near impossible Tout the value of the COE by communicating the true ROI of the platform, down to the processes level. With SmartRoby, you control the financial parameters that determine profitability ratios, break-even durations, and more.
Just getting the data needed to identify new opportunities for automation is painful Take the guesswork out of what to automate with SmartRoby’s built-in Process Assessment capability, which leverages data points such as cost, risks, benefits, and organizational implications to provide recommendations on what to automate.


Empowerment is at the heart of SmartRoby, placing control where it matters most – in the hands of Process Owners. While the COE traditionally delivers automation services to businesses, a historical lack of transparency in process executions, an inability for process owners to gauge the true impact of automation, and a dependence on the COE during problem-solving moments persist. SmartRoby addresses these challenges and establishes a mutually beneficial scenario for both the COE and the business. 

Today’s Challenges How SmartRoby Will Help
Lack of visibility into execution of processes Process owners, the business teams that need to ensure automation occurs as planned, get a clear view of when processes were executed, when processes are scheduled to run next, and can even view all process-related data for the processes they own.
Inability to resolve exceptions without COE assistance Not only are process exceptions identified, but specific exceptions can be assigned to business teams for resolution and processes can be resubmitted, with full control of new data if needed, directly from SmartRoby.
Inability to track KPIs SmartRoby allows for tracking of Financial, Business, Operational, and Technical KPIs.
Alerting capabilities to know when processes complete, or when something goes wrong This is typically handled within a process itself and must be built and maintained by automation developers. With SmartRoby, the business has full control over when it is notified.


Management encompasses key stakeholders, including sponsors of automation initiatives, budget allocators anticipating returns on investment, and individuals deeply invested in the company’s efficiency and profitability. These stakeholders need data and metrics to provide quantifiable insights such as profitability ratios, the impact on automation as measured in both cost and time saved, and break-even timelines. 

Today’s Challenges How SmartRoby Will Help
Lack of accurate metrics on the financial impact of automation initiatives Financial parameters are applied at the process level within SmartRoby, enabling accurate financial KPI reporting including:
- Profitability ratios across the whole platform, across a defined number of processes, or within a single process,
- The financial and FTE equivalent time saved of a single process or process groupings.
Lack of visibility into utilization rates of the automation platform In addition to assessing the financial implications of processes executed on an automation platform, it is essential to gauge the efficiency and utilization of the platform itself. SmartRoby aids in optimizing the platform's performance, ensuring efficient license utilization, and facilitating accurate forecasts for upcoming automation endeavors.

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