Novelis is an international consulting and technology company specializing in IS urbanization, digitization, operational efficiency and business process automation. Novelis invests heavily in R&D to create cutting-edge solutions to serve business challenges and advance scientific research around technologies. As such, it has the status of Young Innovative Company and works with the AI Laboratory of the Polytechnic School of Paris.

By combining its different expertise in IS architectures, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Artificial Intelligence, Novelis has designed the SmartRoby platform which offers automation as a RaaS (robot as a service) model with a simple billing system based on application consumption.

Founded in 2017, Novelis now has more than 80 employees and is established in France and Morocco.

Our Values

Novelis was created on the basis of strong convictions to support its development ambitions and those of its client partners. The values that define us are reflected every day in the daily lives of our employees and guide us to guarantee the quality of our support and our technologies, thus striving for excellence.


Our Clients

Discover a selection of our reference projects in intelligent automation in various industries. All smart automation projects managed by Novelis are part of a global architecture vision whose key words are robustness, scalability and ROI.

Our Partners

In its desire to offer a turnkey smart automation solution to its customers, Novelis has built SmartRoby based on strategic partnerships with leading RPA software providers around the world. This is what enables us today to deliver exceptional automation and innovation capabilities in the SmartRoby Software As a Service solution.


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