SmartRoby Dashboard is an advanced tool that allows you to track the performance of your RPA environment in real-time. It offers a variety of KPIs that effectively monitor the business, technical, and financial performance of your RPA processes. 

Value-based KPIs provide information on the value created for the business through the implementation of RPA. 

  • Financial KPIs​: Monitor financial KPIs such as the time saved, profitability ratio, and the payback period of your RPA investment​
  • Operational KPIs​: Access actionable insights based on operation KPIs to better plan for and manage RPA processes​
  • Business KPIs​: Track your business KPIs and value-driven ones through an automated interface​
  • Technical KPIs​: Stay alerted with inconsistencies with the tracking of technical KPIs​
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Configure Smart Alerts with SmartRoby

The SmartRoby Alerts module also allows for the configuration of advanced alerts for proactive and optimized management of your RPA environment. Alerts can be configured to report potential issues, such as errors in RPA processes, delays in tasks, or errors in financial transactions. With these alerts, you can quickly act to resolve issues as they arise, before they worsen and affect the performance of your RPA processes.

Advanced alerts can also be used to identify opportunities for improvement in your RPA environment. For example, if you find that certain processes are slower than others, alerts can be used to detect congestion areas and adopt the necessary measures to resolve them. This can help optimize the performance of your RPA environment and improve overall efficiency for your business.

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