Your Automation Governance Platform Solution designed by Novelis SmartRoby SmartRoby Plateform, BluePrism, UIPATH, Automation anywhere Extend RPA management to
include all stakeholders
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  • Monitoring & Dashboard
  • Process Management
  • Exception Management
  • Process Assessment
  • Analytics
  • Resource Management
  • Administration

Simple and centralized process management

Using SaaS model, SmartRoby will enable you, through a business-oriented interface, to manage the automated processes configured specifically for your organization.

You will also be able to access our self-service data extraction and automation APIs.

Administration is simplified and all the operations that could be carried out with your RPA robots can be done from the platform in a very intuitive way.

You will be able to: configure, plan, schedule, resume or stop your processes, manage and handle exceptions, monitor your production KPIs by simply logging into the portal.

Smart Automation is now accessible!

Are you interested in RPA but data structuring is a challenge in your information system?

Would you like to switch to Smart Automation, but you fear it would be too expensive and complex?

We created SmartRoby to remove all barriers to implementing intelligent automation, regardless of your organization’s maturity level.

SmartRoby is designed to streamline RPA operations and support all stakeholders, while optimizing and enhancing automation capabilities with user-friendly features and AI capabilities.


An economic model

based on the consumption of APIs and processes.


Interfacing with your IS

SmartRoby can be connected to your ERP and other systems


SaaS model

SmartRoby is available on AWS and OVHCloud


Revolutionizes RPA automation

SmartRoby is an advanced platform that provides unparalleled support to RPA automation technologies

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Establishing a roadmap to refine your automation project and ensure that each step is well-defined.

  • 2


    Can the action be performed by a non-human?

  • 3

    Time Consumption

    How much time does it take to complete your process (daily, monthly)?

  • 4


    Does the process have to handle a lot of exceptions that require human intervention?

  • 6

    IT Environment

    What are the integration constraints and dependencies to be taken into account?

  • "Digital players have the responsibility to ensure that digital innovations are accessible to all organizations, regardless of their size. This accessibility is measured in terms of cost and complexity of implementation. It is the choice that we have done at Novelis, since our creation, through platforms intended to democratize access to smart automation solutions. SmartRoby is the perfect example."

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