What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation refers to the use of logical robots to automate repetitive tasks normally performed by human operators.

Can SmartRoby be deployed on-premise or is it only available as a SaaS offering?

SmartRoby is available in both on-premise and SaaS deployment models.

Does SmartRoby have integration capabilities with other tools?

Yes, SmartRoby’s microservices architecture enables easy integration with other tools through APIs.

How can a SaaS Robot connect to the applications of my IS?

Robots are considered teleworking agents who access your information system. The same rules and safety guidelines apply: End-to-end encryption, Strong authentication supported by a reliable and unchangeable audit system.

Can I install SmartRoby on my infrastructure?

It is possible to install SmartRoby on your own infrastructure, and we will accompany you in the installation of the necessary blocks.

What are the automation technologies supported by SmartRoby?

SmartRoby supports RPA automation technologies based on Blue Prism. This fully enables you to deploy Smart Automation, within your IS, at a lower cost.

What are the prerequisites for integrating SmartRoby with my current Blue Prism environment?

To integrate SmartRoby with your Blue Prism environment, you need a database account and IP whitelisting to enable communication between the systems. Connecting to an existing server is a simple process.

What is SmartRoby's pricing model?

SmartRoby’s pricing model includes a fixed fee and a variable fee based on the number of licenses.

Is there a limit to the number of users who can access SmartRoby?

SmartRoby’s pricing is not tied to the number of users, and subscribers can have an unlimited number of users. SmartRoby also supports integration with your own IAM system for seamless user authentication.

Question: Is SmartRoby accessible to all users?

SmartRoby can be accessed and permission levels can be customized based on user maturity. You can create access for business units with permissions to view performance data, manage exceptions, and utilize analytics and alerts. Access can also be granted to the RPA team to manage technical exceptions, set execution and daily activity alerts, and manage resource allocation and dependencies. Additionally, C-level and management employees can be given access to visualize financial performance and operational business KPIs.

What is Smart Automation?

Smart Automation is the application of advanced technologies such as RPA, OCR, NLP, artificial intelligence, machine learning and process extraction to increase Robots and automate processes in more impactful ways, beyond the capabilities of traditional automation.

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