When an automated process fails, it can be due to an unforeseen or unexpected situation that requires manual intervention to correct the issue and continue the process. Exceptions can have a significant impact on the performance and quality of your automated processes.

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Handling, analyzing, and sharing exception backlogs with a workflow

SmartRoby offers a collaborative exception management solution by allowing the sharing of the exception list across multiple teams. Members can view and manage exceptions in real-time, collaborate to resolve them quickly, and avoid duplicates and unnecessary efforts. Additionally, tasks can be assigned to team members based on their skills and availability, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution of exceptions.

By sharing the exception list with the team, SmartRoby encourages a culture of collaboration and accountability, thus strengthening the overall efficiency of the enterprise. Furthermore, through exception analysis, users can identify bottlenecks and recurring issues, and continuously improve their RPA processes for optimal productivity.

SmartRoby users can also generate exception analysis using the data collected during the execution of automated processes. These analyses provide essential information to understand the most frequent types of exceptions, the most affected processes, and trends over time. By examining exceptions and using analysis data, users can determine if automation is appropriate for a given process or if improvements are necessary to maximize the benefits of automation.

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