SmartRoby’s modules such as Resource Planner and SR Queues offer advanced features to optimize resource management for businesses by providing better visibility of occupancy, license allocation, and process management based on SLAs.

SmartRoby’s Resource Planner module enables businesses to plan the use of their RPA resources, including robots and licenses. The module provides a real-time view of resource usage, allowing RPA teams to better understand how resources are used in the company and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Meanwhile, SmartRoby’s SR Queues module allows businesses to manage the queues of their RPA processes. Queues can be managed based on different criteria, such as priorities, SLAs, and volumes. RPA teams can ensure that critical processes are processed first and that SLAs are met.

By using these modules, businesses can optimize their use of RPA resources and improve the performance of their automated processes. RPA teams can identify bottlenecks in their processes and take steps to improve the efficiency of their resource utilization. Ultimately, this can help businesses save time and money while improving their ability to process business processes effectively and efficiently.

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