SmartRoby offers a custom analysis capability that allows users to create customized reports directly from their portal. This feature enables users to generate accurate reports tailored to their specific needs, using data collected by SmartRoby.

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SmartRoby’s custom analysis capability allows users to choose the data to include in their report and organize it according to their preferences. Users can select key performance indicators (KPIs) to include in their report, such as average processing time, number of successful transactions, processing errors, etc.

By using SmartRoby’s custom analysis capability, users can also filter data based on different criteria, such as process type, execution time, processing result, etc. Users can also customize the format and style of their report using charts, tables, diagrams, etc.

Creating custom reports with SmartRoby offers many benefits for businesses. Custom reports allow users to better understand the performance of their automated processes by identifying areas that require improvement and optimization opportunities. They also enable users to easily share results with other team members or external stakeholders, which can help strengthen collaboration and facilitate decision-making.

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